All too often, people underestimate the value of great photos on their website.

A good portrait is one that is clear, has great lighting, and an appropriate background for your field or specialty.

Most of all, it should reflect the spirit or mood you want to convey professionally.

web design

I began designing websites in 2008. I started with my own art portfolio.

Psychoanalytic Perspectives, a journal for the community of mental health professionals.

Theater Director, Kathleen Amshoff

Deborah Pines, Therapist and Life Coach




It’s one thing to have a website and another for people to find it.

A good web developer will include meta-tags in your website for search engine optimization (so Google and other search engines can find you and your business), tag all your images, register the site, and apply analytics so that you can see how many people are coming to your site and how are they finding you.

Additionally, I can consult with you on a variety of strategies, including social media, to get your website out there and in the web-browsers of potential clients.