Aerosol Parasol Jump, 2020 (1 minute trailer)

Single-Channel Video, 14 minutes.
Pollinators reach into the screen, caress, poke and brush the delicate pistils and stamen of fruit and
blossoms. Thumbs, fore-fingers,Q-tips approach the vacancy left by the decline of reliable agents of
propagation (birds and bees).
Aerosol Parasol Jump——a collection of amateur instructional videos for manual fertilization.
A study of pollination as a networkvegetable of dependencies and vulnerabilities. Clicking, whirring
and taking off. Layers of embodied and distanced perspectives, abundance and the threat of scarcity.
The prescriptive and impersonal character of commercial motifs and stock footage, the deterioration of
downloads, the blur and shakiness of the mobile phone.

I screened an earlier and shorter version of this video in December of 2019 at Mumok Kino in Vienna,
and continued to work on it throughout 2020.
This is a trailer. I'm currently submitting the work to screenings. If you would like a private link to watch the video,
email me at carolynlambert00 at gmail and I will send it your way.

detail from performance for a permeable body, an installation at the Drawing Center by Carolyn Lambert
Broadsheet, image side: an , Performance for a Permeable Body by Carolyn Lambert
Broadsheet, text side, Performance for a Permeable Body by Carolyn Lambert and David Court